Kata Oma was created as an expression of love from a grandmother to her children and grandchildren, out of her utmost interest to provide them with tasty, nutritious and hygienic snack. Originated from a grandmother’s signature recipe, using finest natural ingredients and intricate preparation and cooking process, this labour of love never fails to present the best, most sought authentic snack for her family. While sharing this snack, family also share their stories with one another, creating unforgettable memories.

It is those warm atmospheres of family and home that we long to create for you through our products. In order to do so, our product must carry these values:



Kata Oma products are made from natural and less processed ingredients, using our very own family recipe. Our mission is to introduce the rich and unique flavour of Indonesia to the world.


Created with love from a grandmother’s signature recipe, Kata Oma presents home-made snack that creates nostalgic and fond memories of home. Have Kata Oma at home for your special family moments. #TheTasteofHome


Our commitment for excellence starts all the way from our selection of finest ingredients and hygienic production process to excellent customer service. We strive for the best quality of product as well as consumer experience.